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30 December 2016 at 10:58 am

The Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts has just finished its eight edition and was as fantastic as ever. A big thank you to to all our volunteers who helped the whole festival go off without a hitch; whichever body of law decided the weather; our fantastic performers from across the globe and our partners and funders who helped make Out There 2015 one of the most memorable to date.

Of course, we extend our warmest thanks to all those who enjoyed the entertainment. Without your enthusiasm and support, The Out There Festival would not be as impressive as it is today. Each year you leave us your opinions, thoughts and praises about the festival and they help us improve. We thought this year we’d highlight some of the fantastic words you have given to us.

“Had a great time! All the performers were awesome, fantastic costumes, lovely food and refreshments… This was a weekend I’ll remember, looking forward to next year!”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“Such a great time, couldn’t fit in seeing all the acts in one afternoon of pure joy, so will be back as ever next year to be transported back to feeling like a small child giggling insanely and loving it.”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“Such a nice atmosphere in St George’s Park Gt Yarmouth for @SeaChangeArts #OutThereFest street arts and circus. Quality entertainment.”
Festival Attender | Twitter

“Well done to @SeaChangeArts and everyone involved in this years #OutThereFestival bigger and better each year and great for #GREATYarmouth”
Places and Faces | Twitter

“I just wanted to say that I really loved this festival, especially Boom Productions and Barada Street.

Boom’s piece was incredible – moving, funny, profound! My kids loved the acrobatics and the masks, characters and humour, and responded to the edginess of it – going to scary places in a way that Roald Dahl does, without frightening or patronising children – and loved the slack rope walking.

Barada Street’s piece was so life giving, simple and life affirming! The way they involved the audience and improvised was brilliant and uplifting. My children were laughing the whole way through and I was lifted by the whole show. Wonderful! There should be more of this in the world!”
Festival Attender | Website Comment

“Make no bones about it, this year’s Out There was everybody’s favourite party.”
Festival Volunteer | Twitter

“A fabulous event, as always, that we appreciate so much – hard to believe our first Out There was when my eldest had just started Reception & this year she started High School! You are all part of our end of summer fun and we really can’t thank you enough.”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“If you see nothing else….see this.I never read a book twice or see a film twice…yesterday I broke the mould and watched [Le Cirque Du Platzak] twice. Fandabbydozey & shamazing.”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“As good as ever if not better. Great soul food. My jaw aches from so much smiling and laughter. Go see if you’ve never been, you’re missing something special for Yarmouth. Thank you SeaChange and artists – brill!!”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“I spy in the brochure a man inside a giant red balloon and a woman dressed as an icecream/cake medley, I love these random things.”
Festival Attender | Facebook

“Oh what fun it all was! Thank you Seachange Arts. Thank you everybody!”
Festival Attender | Facebook

@SeaChangeArts What an amazing weekend at #OutThereFest loved the Les Tambours de la Muerte show last night @BaradaStreet were amazing too!
Festival Attender | Twitter

“I would just like to let the organisers know about how very impressed I was with the events held for The Out there festival held at the weekend gone in Great Yarmouth.

The acts that were on were brilliant and my children very much enjoyed this.

I would also like to thank one of the security team… I didn’t get her name, who helped my daughter when she fell over and was fantastic in reassuring her that she was going to be ok.

We are looking forward to attending the event next year.”
Festival Attender | Website Comment

Thanks to all and everyone. We hope to see you at the next festival on the 17 & 18 September 2016 so you can contribute your own Out There memories.