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Who will you say goodbye to? Join us on Gorleston Beach on 11 November 12noon – 3pm to mark 100 years since Armistice & the end of The First World War.Gorleston Beach has been selected as a place of remembrance, where over the course of several hours, artwork made from stencils will emerge from the sand. And then, as the tide rises, watch as it's washed away offering a moment for a collective goodbye.A new poem from Carol Ann Duffy has been written especially for the moment, and will be read by individuals and families on the day.#PagesofTheSea is part of 14-18 Now. Find out more: www.pagesofthesea.org.uk#WWIcentenary #ww1 #wwi #armistice #remember #commemorate #dannyboyle #1418now

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5 November 2018 at 1:11 pm