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The Drill House Facebook Page

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1 February 2019 at 11:55 am

We’re creating a Drill House Facebook page, here’s why:

Alongside our first Drill House programme for the year, we’ve decided to create a Facebook page exclusively for Drill House events and activities. The Drill House Facebook page (@thedrillhouse) will play host to all the core event information, updates and activities that takes place here on York Road, whereas the SeaChange Arts Facebook page (@seachangearts1) will continue to cover the fantastic events we produce, such as Out There Festival and Festa Fiesta.
Give us a follow @thedrillhouse and get involved with all the exciting things that happen in Great Yarmouth throughout the year.
Are The Drill House and SeaChange Arts two different entities?
There is no actual split going on between The Drill House and SeaChange Arts. SeaChange Arts will still own and operate The Drill House as it has done since 2012. Our intention to establish two different social media presences is to better define The Drill House as a performance and event venue and SeaChange Arts as international producers of circus and street arts. SeaChange Arts are still dedicated to delivering outstanding opportunities for artists and communities through supporting, hosting and delivering circus and street arts projects and events.
Why are you splitting the content?
In order to better present what we do and to make sure our posts are always relevant and engaging. The Drill House is still the home of SeaChange Arts and its activities but as SeaChange continue to develop the space into an exciting and expansive community destination, its clear we needed a place to define The Drill House’s offer, as a space, to Great Yarmouth.
What’s being posted where?
The split in content is not immediate, we will be cross posting events and information between the two Facebook pages over the coming months to ensure you won’t miss out on all the wonderful things going on in Great Yarmouth. To break it down in detail:
The Drill House: Follow us @The Drill House for information on all of our Drill House events, circus classes, private hires, event volunteering opportunities, weddings, music gigs and more.
SeaChange Arts: Follow us @seachangearts1 for information on our festival productions such as the Out There Festival & Festa Fiesta; information on artist residencies, sector events and news and partnered productions we develop throughout the year.