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Got a circus memory you'd like to share? Come visit us at The Drill House today and tomorrow 12-6pm for some badge making fun#outtherefest

#outtherefest #lesfrerestroubouch

Don't miss @cie.galmae stunning show starting at 8pm tonight at the Great Yarmouth Marketplace

Glorious sun and crowds gathering for the 12th #outtherefest

We're live with our professional programme for #outtherefest 2019Tune in live on our Facebook

2 days to go… 2 mysterious locations for our most intimate and secretive shows.Don't miss PakiPaya's – TOCA TOC and Colletivo Terzo Livello – Documento on pitch 18 and 19 over the festival weekend.

3 days to go… 3…thousand pints brewed of the Out There Festival Special Ale by @laconsbrewery for the Out There weekend.You can grab a pint at our beer tent located on the east side of the park during the festival weekend, at #FestivalLounge at The Drill House or at various pubs around t...

4 days to go…4 miles of string used for Galmae's UK premiere of It's Not Here, It's Over HereA young Korean artist weaves a gigantic cobweb made of intertwined strings and invites you to untangle the structures that have come to govern the space.Don't miss this powerful sho...

Painted in 2001, yet looks as if it was modelled at the Drill House this week! To see more fine work by @insectcircus Mark Copeland visit @skippingsfinearts from 12th to 15th September. #GreatYarmouth #OutThereFestival #festivallounge #DrillHouse

5 days to go…5 shows from the Catalan and Balearic region thanks to our partnership with Institut Ramon Llull.Don't miss Collettivo TERZO Livello, Pau Palaus, #ciesoon, @dulce.duca and Cia. PakiPaya over the Out There weekend!

6 days to go…6 workshops to get stuck into.Design your own revolutionary identity with block printing workshops from Extinction Rebellion and design agitprop posters and t-shirts with @paris68redux . Bring white tees!Or celebrate our rich circus history with a variety of workshops hosted by ou...