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Circus Fit [Block 2]

by SeaChange Arts

£30.00 , Wednesdays, 7pm - 8pm

Circuit training with a circus twist! Join our expert trainers to be put through your paces using circus equipment and techniques. Build your core strength, flexibility and balance and feel the burn!


BLOCK 2: £30 for 6 weeks

How is a class structured/what do we do in a class?    Circus Fit is an instructor led, group-fitness class and a fantastic unique way of getting in shape. We aim to cater for all fitness levels and ages by tailoring activities to your ability.   Be prepared to see improvements within just 4 weeks!

To get you started, you”ll be asked to carry out all the necessary warm-up exercises to get your muscles ready. Some movements are delightfully unconventional as they are performance-based and not what you”d find in a traditional fitness class.

Combining circus techniques with circuit training, our instructor will guide you through each ‘workout station”. This part of the class includes cardio workouts, strength and conditioning using trapeze, aerial silks and various ground based equipment and apparatus.

Then it”s on to the abs section were our instructor will give you advice to help you get the most out of the class. The abs workout is fun, varied and will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Finally we will cool you down with a slow flexibility and stretch section. We cover a range of techniques to help you to stretch safely and effectively, improve your posture and alignment.

Why would I come to this class?  Circus Fit is designed to improve your cardio, conditioning and strength in a fun and challenging way.

What level is this class?  No experience necessary. 18 years+

What should I wear/bring to the class?   Comfy, loose clothing. Leggings/jogging bottom and a t-shirt are ideal. No footwear is required or ‘grippy” socks.  Long hair tied back.



  • 01493 745458
  • The Drill House York Road Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR30 2LZ

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