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Out There

My House

by Apocalyptic Circus

FREE 14 Sep - 15 Sep,

Come close and look in through the enticing doors and windows. If you are patient enough you might find out who lives here!

“My House” is a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. This exciting, magical, quirky structure, which can be put up almost anywhere, invites people to come close and become part of the performance. The audience find a place for themselves at one of the many windows and openings from where they watch the show unfold within.

In between shows “The House” stands as an installation and play space, generating lots of interest whether viewed from a distance or being interacted with up close. The set is built to be able to climb on and we encourage everyone to have a go!

The structure is absolutely brilliant… Loved going inside afterwards” – My House

Made for “inspired play”. The viewers get to go inside afterwards and try out things they witnessed. – My House

‘The wordless interplay is flawless ”Push Me, Pull You!” is a subtle masterpiece.’ Stagetalk.orm

Briliant use of circus skills – really well integrated, made me smile! Loved every bit. Well done!” – My House

Images by Paul Blakemore




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