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Out There

Phileas Fogg: Day 79

by Dizzy O'Dare

FREE 15 Sep - 16 Sep,
Phileas Fogg: Day 79

“It''s day 79 and we have made it to the Out There Festival, just hours away from crossing the finish line on this spectacular adventure. We have crossed five continents, 24 time zones and I am down to my last pair of clean underpants. Passepartout continues to complain but he''s proven his worth several times over. I can''t wait to see the faces on my friends at the reform clubs when I cross the finish line. Had a spot of bother with transport for the last leg, but Passepartout has managed to secure these handy hot air balloons. It''s 
just a shame we are so high up, it looks jolly good fun down there, everyone looks like little ants.”

Join Phileas Fogg and his French valet, Passepartout, on day 79 of their famous journey. Our intrepid adventurers are just hours from crossing the finish line. If they can just coerce their hot air balloons in the right direction, they stand to win a grand prize. A hilarious roam-about, fusing modern technology with Jules Verne”s classic adventure.


Sat 12.40pm, 2.35pm & 3.50pm

Sun 12.40pm, 4.45pm, 2.45pm

45 mins

Family Friendly