2019 Programme

The 2019 Out There Festival will be exploding onto the streets of Great Yarmouth on the 14 – 15 September with an entirely FREE programme of world-class circus and street arts.

14 Sep - 15 Sep

My House

Come close and look in through the enticing doors and windows. If you are patient enough you might find out who lives here! “My House” is a circus theatre experience for little people and their...
14 Sep - 15 Sep

On Edge

A new physical theatre production, an exciting collaboration between parkour and theatre, Justice in Motion’s very first venture into Outdoor Arts! ON EDGE is a brand-new, breath-taking...
14 Sep - 15 Sep

Look Up

Playful and fearless with a curiosity for birds and flying, Robyn reminds us all that we should dare to look up. “Hikapee’s Look Up is one of the highlights from this year. We’d unknowingly...
14 Sep - 15 Sep


A child from Poland and his grandfather, Rumanian, owner of a small shop of species in Warsaw, must to emigrate in the contest of the Second World Ward, and they became refugees. The grandfather, in...
14 Sep - 15 Sep


Gregarious is not epic, it is not heroic. It is an honest, sweaty and playful show, exploring the conflict of sport. Told through circus, acrobatics and comedy, watch as two performers wrestle with...