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The Drill House Code

We expect anyone attending sessions at the Drill House, SeaChange Arts staff and tutors to meet this code at all times.

This is for the young person attending circus school to sign, along with the head tutors and seachange arts staff.

  • Sign in and out of every session and every time you leave the building.
  • Arrive on time, suitably dressed for the activity and ready to take part!
  • Show respect, and only use supportive and constructive language and behaviour towards every member of the group, including the tutors and staff.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, including equipment, materials and other people and behave in an appropriate way.
  • Do not touch the equipment unless asked to. Use the equipment in a suitable and safe way and only under the guidance of tutors. Put the equipment back in the appropriate place.
  • Show respect for and take pride in your surroundings. Leave the space tidy and do not touch any equipment not relating to your activity.
  • No smoking during sessions. Appropriate breaks will be given during longer training, for refreshments and resting.
  • Let the tutors or SeaChange Arts staff know as soon as possible if you cannot attend a session or if you decide to no longer come to sessions.
  • No mobile phones during the session. If you really need to make a call please ask first.
  • REMEMBER: Have fun and enjoy your time here!

These sessions are popular therefore, if three sessions are missed in a term, without notifying the tutors or SeaChange staff, your name will be removed from the list and you will have to sign up to the circus school again. There may be a waiting list for the class, if this is the case, you will join the waiting list.

If the code of conduct is not met, you will be issued with two warnings and if there is a third instance where the code is not met, you may be asked to finish the class early.
If you are asked to finish a class early three times in a term you will be asked to stop attending the sessions and not allowed to return until tutors and SeaChange Arts feel your behaviour and commitment has reached an acceptable level.

On your return, at a time that is felt to be suitable by the tutors, you will be on a probation period of 4 weeks, after this time tutors and Seachange Staff will assess your progress and a decision will be made as to whether you can continue to attend classes.