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Coasters Tour 2017

Be prepared to be amazed. 19 companies, 15 festivals and seasons, 19 locations. Here is the Coasters Network Tour of 2017!

Worthing Theatres   

Summer of Circus

17 June & 22 July:  Acrojou’s The Wheel House, 18 July:  Dizzy O’Dare’s Rise, 21 July:  Head First Acrobats’ Elixir 6 August:  Acrojou German Wheel Workshop


SO Festival 

Southpaw Dance Company’s Speakeasy:   27 June Spilsby, 28 June Horncastle, 29 June Alford, 30 June Mablethorpe, 1 & 2 July Skegness, Strong Lady Production’s The Strong Lady:  30 June Mablethorpe, 1 & 2 July Skegness

Activate Dorset 

Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival 

8 & 9 July:   Cirque Du Platzak’s Kermiz

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

21 October:   Worldbeaters and Dundu’s Sense of Unity

Mouth of the Tyne Festival

8 & 9 July:   La Dinamo, Ragroof Player’s Happy Feet, Strong Lady Production’s The Strong Lady and Matthew Harrison’s The Actual Reality Arcade

Hastings Borough Council

1066 Cycling Festival

La Dinamo:   17 July Hastings, 18 July Bexhill

St Leonards Festival

1 July:  Smoking Apples’ Flux, Dizzy O’Dare’s Giant Balloon Show, Headfirst Acrobats’ Elixir, Pickled Image’s The Granny & Big Bad Wolf

Stade Saturdays

12 August:   Sur Mesure’s Fillage, 19 August: Cirque de Platzak’s Kermiz, 26 August:  Compagnie Bilbobasso’s Polar

Dreamland Margate

26 July:  Head First Acrobats’ Arr We There Yet, 2 August:  Strong Lady Productions’ The Strong Lady, 9 August:  Sur Mesure’s Filage, 16 August:  Dizzy O’Dare’s Giant Balloon Show, 23 August:  Ragroof Players’ Happy Feet, 30 August:  Cirque du Platzak’s Kermiz, 16 September:  Smoking Apples’ In Our Hands, 24 September:  Pickled Image (show TBC)

Freedom Festival

2 & 3 September:   SouthPaw Dance Company’s Speakeasy, Bullzini Family’s Equilibrius, Compagnie Dyptik’s D-Construction

Seachange Arts

Out There Festival

16 September:  Worldbeaters and Dundu’s Sense of Unity, Cirque Vavel’s Garbuix, 16 & 17 September:  Jessica Arpin of Cirque Vavel’s solo street show Kalabazi

Theatre Orchard 

Theatre Tropicana 

18 September:  Smoking Apples’ Flux, 19 September:  FUEL’s An Evening with an Immigrant

Super Circus Weekender 

30 September:  Cirque du Platzak’s Kermiz, Dizzy O’Dare’s Giant Balloon Show, 1 October:  Workshops from Dizzy O’Dare and The Strong Lady and a double billed show with Strong Lady Productions’ The Strong Lady and Dizzy O’Dare’s Rise



25 October:  Worldbeaters and Dundu’s Sense of Unity, 27 October:  Bilbobasso’s Polar